Hey guys! It’s been about a week or two since I posted Chapter One, but hey, this is Chapter Two!

ImageUh… Meet Samantha Conway…




Blaze did make a… ‘good’… first impression when he ate the floor.

Blaze: The hardwood may look like dirt, but it’s stil hardwood. *omnomnom*

Sam:Ogm that is amazing.



They spent hours just flirting…

Blaze: If you were a potato…. I would bake you.

ImageBlaze: I have some flowers.


What a perfect match.



Once at work, I noticed the pedo magician outside. Not sure if I’ll ever unsee him.

ImageMan: So much to do… So little time.

wtfImageMan: So little.

ImageHe sat there all night… I came extremely close to deleting him.

ImageMysterious voice: Yes… Yes… *heavy breathing*


Well Everyone! That’s it for this chapter! See you guys later!










Hello world. After a long period of not writing for the Sims, I am back with The Tyler Family Legacy! Now, this legacy will be completely ignoring the Legacy Challenge rules. I will use cheats,the family willl live in a mansion, and I plan on more than ten generations. However, there are a few things you should know about the legacy…

1. The legacy will take place in the infamous Moonlight Falls.

2. The Sims University may or may not be used during the course of the legacy.

3. I apologise in advance if, in any chapters, the letter ‘U’ is not included in words, for my ”U” key is broken.

4. The family will begin human, thogh eventually some supernatural DNA will get mixed in.

5. Due to my terrible home building skills, the first 2 or 3 generations will be in a game-made home that I will furnish my self.

Enough lollygagging! Time to meet the founder. You may now proceed to do a drumroll on your lap.



Meet Blaze Tyler! He will be the founder of the legacy. His LTW is to reach Level Five in Four jobs. His traits are ‘Avant Garde’ ‘Clumsy’ ‘Rebellious ‘Hopeless Romantic’ and ‘Daredevil’


Anyways mates, time for a tour of the house.


This is the 4 bedroom Victorian place across from the town hall. Using freerealestate and Motherlode, I furnished it myself. This is an overview of Floor One. The living room, dining/kitchen area, and Hobby Room are here.

ImageThe living area

ImageThe dining room. The candle really livens things up, no?

ImageThe Hobby Room.the camera was too awkward to fit in the rest, but a guitar and sclpting drafter are behind it.

ImageUpstairs, the children’s play area. 

ImageThe tiny nursery. Again, an awkward camera angke. There’s actually three crubs.



Bedroom 2, floor 3.

ImageAnd last, least as well, the smallest bedroom I have ever seen.


Now, let us begin!


ImageUpon entering, Blaze immediately picked up the guitar.

Blaze: Oh I’m singing! And playing Gitar! Sing sing siiiiing!

This will be a long generation…


ImageOnce he hit Skill Level 2, I decided to make his first of the for jobs required in his LTW Music, and he got hooked up at the theatre.

Blaze: Why do I have a crap-coloured car?

I was too lazy to colour it myself.


ImageAs he approached the theatre, he looked passionately at the wall.

Blaze: Oh bricks… how red you are… amazing!

Hidden insane trait much?



Woman: *is firghtened by ghost so fans self*

Ghost: *stares at car*

ImageAfter leaving, Blaze went dumpster diving behind the place… Can I ask why?

Blaze: I smelled a slice of pizza.




He also spent a lot of time trolling on the forums.

Blaze: My skillz are always better than yours, little children.

Trolling a kid’s site. You monster.

ImageSince his gitar skill was already good enough, and Blaze lives next door to the park, I sent him over to take advantage of his spray painting kit.

ImageHe pushed the limits after two murals, and the ugly fairy police officer showed up.

Blaze: Run Forrest Run!

ImageHe still got caught. Not that running towards the cop was a good idea in the first place.

Cop: Get your sexy self in the cruiser. We’re taking you home.

Blaze: I live next door…

I don’t like Fairy Cop.

ImageYes, putting the criminal you just arrested next to you in the front seat is certainly a good idea.

Fairy Cop: *whispers* i love you

Blaze: What?


A 3 second car ride and minus $1000 Simoleans later, I decided to go ahead and build his Cooking skill, because I already chose Culinary as his second career.

ImageThat night, all he could dream of was murder…

Blaze: Fairy… Ruins mural… must… *snore*

She best watch her back.

ImageWhen he got p the next morning, I noticed pink bunny slippers.

Blaze: Aren’t they adorable!?

I don’t like bunnies.

Blaze: Who cares, yo are only a voice.

ImageHe then began critiquing the toys in the play area.

Blaze: This is so disproportional. A squid’s eyes are not THAT big.

It is a toy, you know that, right?

Blaze: Of course I did…


The majestic music started playing and I recieved the message about the Summer Festival. Despite the rain, I sent Blaze out. Of course, his wall tag had been covered by a dumpster.


ImageNot even the food merchants were there…

ImageHe did another mural, since there was no one to interact with.

ImageFinally, someone arrived. But she continuously wanted to slow dance with Blaze, so I tried to ignore her.

ImageFinally, the food merchant came. Good thing, too, Blaze was starving.



That burger looks like it tastes terrible.

Blaze: How does a mysterious voice see things?



It was time for Blazeto meet someone who was not a pervert, so I sent him to he first houseI saw.


I’m going to leave you guys with a minor cliffhanger of who lives there. Look out for new chapters, and thanks for reading!